Information for Renters

Welcome to The Villages of Five Points!!

If you are currently renting within The Villages of Five Points, or preparing for a future rental, this information may answer many of your questions.

Community Pool & Tennis Courts
The pool and tennis courts are for the use of owners who are current on their Villages of Five Points Property Owners Association (VOFP POA) fees, and their guests/tenants only. The VOFP POA reserves the right to deny the use to anyone at any time. Use at your own risk. The VOFP POA is not responsible for any accident or injury in connection with such use. A key-fob is required to enter the pools or tennis courts and must be obtained from your Rental Agent or the Property Owner through whom you rented.

DO: Wear proper swimming attire; clothe all children wearing diapers in protective apparel; shower before entering the pool if coming from the beach; provide a parent or responsible adult 18 years or older to accompany and supervise all children 14 or under and non-swimming children; use noodles at lifeguard’s discretion; use inflatable arm supports, vests, or teaching aids, if desired, for non-swimming children.

NO: Ball playing in or around the pool; running; diving; rafts, boogie boards, boats, balls or squirt guns; eating or drinking in the pool; spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose, or discharging bodily fluids; alcohol or tobacco; glass containers; pets; persons with infections, communicable diseases, open wounds, or bandages; reserving of chairs, lounges and tables; playing of music at a volume that will disturb others.

Tennis Courts

DO: Use Tennis Courts ONLY for playing tennis; wear proper attire including only smooth-soled tennis shoes; properly dispose of all trash.

dogs/pets, bikes, skates, skateboards, alcohol, glass containers, food, smoking or non-playing guests/children.

Loud and unreasonable noise, as well as any other behavior or property condition which constitutes a nuisance, is prohibited at all times. All electrical devices subject to volume control, including, but not limited to, radios, stereos, televisions and musical instruments, may only be used and operated at such levels so as not to disturb the occupants of any other Lot or Living Unit in The Villages of Five Points.

Noise control is especially important in multi-family dwellings such as condos.  Occupants must always avoid running up/down stairs, across decking or interior floors.  Please be respectful of your neighbors at all times.

Over-Occupancy of Lots or Living Units
The over-occupancy of Lots or Living Units in The Villages of Five Points by more persons than which is permitted by applicable government regulations is prohibited at all times. 

Per Sussex County Delaware Code & County Constable confirmation, every room occupied for sleeping purposes by 1 occupant shall contain at least 64 square feet of floor area per 1 person.  It shall be prohibited to use for sleeping purposes any kitchen, nonhabitable space or public space. 
Public space includes areas such as: dining room, living room, family room, lofts, dens, etc. 

Town Center East Condos (Located on North & South Brandt St)
Maximum sleeping occupancy of 4 persons (2 per bedroom)

North Village Condos
(Located on North Village Loop)
2 Bedroom Units - Maximum sleeping occupancy of 4 persons (2 per bedroom)
3 Bedroom Units - Maximum sleeping occupancy of 7 persons (3 in Master Bedroom & 2 per each Other Bedroom)

Downtown Condos (Located on North Village Main Blvd Above Retail Stores)
2 Bedroom Units - Maximum sleeping occupancy of 4 persons ( 2 per bedroom)
3 Bedroom Units - Maximum sleeping occupancy of 6 persons (2 per bedroom)

Town Center West Townhomes, East Village & West Village Single Family Homes have varying sleeping occupancy due to space allocations. 

 Sleeping Occupants Per Bedroom  Minimum Required Square Feet of Floor Area
 1  64 SQ FT
 2  128 SQ FT
 3  192 SQ FT
 4  256 SQ FT
 5  320 SQ FT
 6  384 SQ FT

Misuse of Common Areas and/or Common Elements
The misuse or abuse of any Common Areas in The Villages of Five Points is prohibited at all times. The determination of whether or not an activity constitutes a misuse or abuse of a Common Area in The Villages of Five Points shall be at the discretion of the Board and/or Property Manager. Examples of misuse or abuse of Common Areas include, but are not limited to, the following:
(1) public urination;
(2) using obscene or foul language;
(3) skateboarding/hover boarding on, in or around the common areas;
(4) destruction or damage of common areas;
(5) harassment of a neighbor from a common area;
(6) failure to remove and properly dispose of dog waste;
(7) using a common area inappropriately;
(8) improper disposal of trash or other refuse.**

**Note: Dumpsters located in the Shopping Center, Downtown Business Area, North Village Condos & Town Center East Condos are designated for use by residents of those specific villages.  Use by any resident in East & West Village Single Family Homes & Town Center West Townhomes is strictly prohibited. 

When outside, all domesticated animals must be restrained by a leash not to exceed six (6) feet in length and must be under proper control by an adult. All such animals must be under constant custody and control and may not be left unattended. No owner, occupant or guest is permitted to house, bring or maintain a Dangerous Animal in or on any portion of The Villages of Five Points, including, but not limited to Lots, Living Units and Common Areas. Refer to The Villages of Five Points Property Owners Association Amended and Restated Rules for Use & Enjoyment for additional information.

Trailers, pull behinds, and commercial vehicles may not park overnight in any areas. Untagged or derelict vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

Condominiums: Townhome and Retail Areas: Refer to parking guidelines within the individual Sub-Association rules below.

East & West Village Single Family Homes: Park cars in garage when space is available. Park additional cars in driveway without blocking the sidewalk. If all available spaces are being used, overflow parking is allowed on the street with the following restrictions: no parking directly across from a neighbor’s driveway; no parking directly across from another parked vehicle; no parking at corners blocking driver views.

Village Specific Rules & Regulations
(Click Link for Document)

  Downtown Condos Specific Rules
  North Village Condos Specific Rules
  Town Center East Condos Specific Rules

Town Center West Townhomes Specific Rules
Emergency Contact Information

Fire, Police or Ambulance - Dial 9-1-1

For non-urgent situations related to your rental property, your first source for information or assistance is the
Property Owner or Rental Agency through whom you rented the property.

If you are renting a condo or townhome and require urgent assistance for situations such as active sewer backups, water leaks
or other situations which may be causing damage to your rental unit or adjacent units please call:

North Village Condos - Legum & Norman Management 
Normal Business Hours: 302-227-8448
After Hours Emergency: 302-227-8448 answering service

Downtown Condos, Town Center East Condos & Town Center West Townhomes - Vacasa Property Management
Normal Business Hours: 302-541-8824
After Hours Emergency: 302-462-5963