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For VOFP Homeowners or their authorized Realtors to submit Rental Agreements for All Villages

Rental Agreement Information

This form is ONLY for VOFP Owner (Member) submitted Rental Agreements for ALL VILLAGES

The Villages of Five Points Declaration of Covenants require the owners of any and all Lots or Living Units in the Villages of Five Points which
are used as rental properties and rented to third parties for consideration, whether monetary or some other form of consideration, are
required to file a copy of the rental (or lease) agreement with the Board or Property Manager for the Association. The owner of a Lot or
Living Unit which is used as a rental property shall be responsible to the Association for the actions of his or her tenants residing in the Lot
or Living Unit. Accordingly, the Board and Property Manager reserve the right to communicate only with the owner of the Lot or Living Unit
which is used as a rental property and not with the owner’s tenant directly if and when deemed appropriate by the Board or Property

This document serves as the required rental/lease agreement, when completed in its entirety and provided to the Property Manager, prior
to the start of the rental period. Any additional rental/lease agreement information between the owner and renter is not required for
submission to the Property Manager.

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Community & Village Specific Rule Required Documents

IMPORTANT: All Rental Guest MUST be provided with the rules for our community AND rules specific to the village where the rental is taking place. 

To access rules the following web address may be provided to Rental Guests. 

Note: All Owners are fully responsible for the actions of their Rental Guests.

VOFP Homeowner (Member) Attestation

By providing my e-signature below I attest that: 

The information provided on this rental/lease agreement is accurate and complete. 

I have provided the Renter listed with all rental rules for both the entire community and my specific Village (if applicable) rules as well as any guidelines applicable to The Villages of Five Points and my individual Village identified above. 

I understand I am responsible to the Associations and any Sub-Association(s) for actions of my Renters.  This includes any associated fines or other penalties resulting from the listed Renter's use of my property.

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