Cluster Mailboxes


Who owns the cluster mailboxes?

  • They are property of the Post Office

Have you lost a key or both?

  • Complete the new/replacement key/lock form at the Lewes post office and the Lewes post office will contact you when ready for pickup.

  • If you lost a single key, provide the current key and they will create a duplicate (up to 3) currently for free 

  • If you lost all keys there is currently a $23 fee

    • Note: You may request for your mail to be held until you have your replacement keys

    • Note: If your keys have been stolen the same does apply above (one or more keys)

Escalation (with a key)

  • If you don’t get the form or resolution go to the Post Office annex (behind Walmart)

    • Request a supervisor (use the doorbell on the right side)

    • They will perform the steps above

Escalation (with no keys)

  • Go back to the post office in Lewes, DE